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16th Biennial CIGAR Conference - CIGAR Network 30th Anniversary

Porto, Portugal, June, 8-9, 2017, being preceded by the PhD seminar (June 7, 2017) “Future avenues for Public Sector Accounting: engaging research, practice and use” Over the last 30 years, the CIGAR Network has established itself as one of the main international...

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Innovations in public sector financial and management accounting: for …

Public Money and Management (PMM) is planning a mini theme under the title: Innovations in public sector financial and management accounting: for better or worse? The guest editors are Eugenio Caperchione, Sandra Cohen, Francesca Manes Rossi and Isabel Brusca. Academics and practitioners are...

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Public Sector Accounting Abstracts Repos…

The public sector accounting abstracts repository (PSAAR) publishes only Public Sector Accounting related work. It is therefore focused on the enhancement of the possibilities of exchange and sharing in our scientific community. Research works are presented solely in abstract form...

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CIGAR Newsletter October 2016

In her Editorial, Susana Jorge reports on the CIGAR workshop held in Wellington last July. As you will read, we had plenty of interesting talks and discussions, so we are...

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CIGAR Newsletter August 2016

In the August 2016 Newsletter, Sara Giovanna Mauro discusses the introduction of performance-based budgeting (PBB) in the Italian public sector. This context is characterized by a legalistic and bureaucratic culture...

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CIGAR Newsletter April 2016

In the April 2016 Newsletter, the Editorial concerns the statutory audit of PIEs, public-interest entities. Johan Christiaens and Freya Vandendriessche pay particular attention to the new European rules on rotation...

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08 Jun 2017
16th Conference
07 Jun 2017
11th PhD seminar
07 Jul 2016
10th PhD Seminar


CIGAR is a network on comparative international governmental accounting research. CIGAR's mission is to promote worldwide discussion and research on comparative governmental accounting. The main means to realize this mission are the organisation of biennial conferences, biennial workshops dedicated to more specific research themes, and a regularly appearing Newsletter. The CIGAR Network stimulates the production of individual and joint papers, preferably in an international comparative perspective, and the publication of books and journal special issues comprising selections of papers presented at our conferences and workshops.

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