Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research Network

Become a member of the CIGAR Network

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Dear Colleague,

While passing through a formal process to become a legal entity, the CIGAR NETWORK is entering a new phase in its history.

Accordingly, there is also a formal requirement for registration as member. If you are interested, please complete the for below:

Becoming a member of the CIGAR NETWORK does not require any particular commitment, and certainly will not involve any cost.

On the other hand, this membership will allow you to share knowledge and networking within a group that works as international leader in discussions about public sector accounting, both in the academic arena and in the realm of practitioners.

By becoming a CIGAR NETWORK member you will be able to be involved in the Network’s events, receive our Newsletter, participate in our publications and become member of our governance Boards, among other benefits.

The CIGAR Network also works closely with other Networks in public financial management, namely special groups within IRSPM and EGPA. It has also worked closely with the IPSASB, specially during their Research Forum, whereby we may be heard for the IPSASB working program.
I believe these are all positive aspects you will find important to support your career. Upon your registration, we can also provide a membership certificate.

For any question about the registration process, please contact us through the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I look forward to welcoming you to this new period in the history of the CIGAR NETWORK!

The Chair of the CIGAR NETWORK.

Giuseppe Grossi
Research Professor in Accounting at Nord University (Norway), Kristianstad University (Sweden) and Kozminski University (Poland).