Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research Network

Ph.D. Seminars

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Title Start Date End Date Category Location
Doctoral Colloquium 2022 Wednesday, 21. September 2022 Wednesday, 21. September 2022 Ph.D. Seminars Cottbus, Germany
Doctoral Colloquium 2021 Wednesday, 23. June 2021 Wednesday, 23. June 2021 Ph.D. Seminars Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CIGAR Ph.D. Seminar 2020 Monday, 15. June 2020 Monday, 15. June 2020 Ph.D. Seminars Campus Drammen of the University of South-Eastern Norway, in Norway
12th PhD Seminar Wednesday, 4. July 2018 Wednesday, 4. July 2018 Ph.D. Seminars Zagreb, Croatia
11th PhD seminar Wednesday, 7. June 2017 Wednesday, 7. June 2017 Ph.D. Seminars Porto, Portugal
10th PhD Seminar Thursday, 7. July 2016 Thursday, 7. July 2016 Ph.D. Seminars Wellington, New Zealand
9th PhD Seminar Wednesday, 3. June 2015 Wednesday, 3. June 2015 Ph.D. Seminars Valletta, Malta
8th PhD Seminar Tuesday, 9. September 2014 Wednesday, 10. September 2014 Ph.D. Seminars Kristianstad, Sweden
7th PhD Seminar Wednesday, 4. September 2013 Wednesday, 4. September 2013 Ph.D. Seminars Birmingham, UK
6th PhD Seminar Wednesday, 13. June 2012 Wednesday, 13. June 2012 Ph.D. Seminars Barcelos, Portugal
5th PhD Seminar Wednesday, 8. June 2011 Wednesday, 8. June 2011 Ph.D. Seminars Ghent, Belgium
4th PhD Seminar Wednesday, 27. May 2009 Wednesday, 27. May 2009 Ph.D. Seminars Modena, Italy
3rd PhD Seminar Wednesday, 13. June 2007 Wednesday, 13. June 2007 Ph.D. Seminars Coimbra, Portugal
2nd PhD Seminar Tuesday, 24. May 2005 Wednesday, 25. May 2005 Ph.D. Seminars Poitiers, France
1st PhD Seminar Wednesday, 11. June 2003 Thursday, 12. June 2003 Ph.D. Seminars Bodø, Norway
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