Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research Network


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Public Sector Accounting Abstracts Repository (PSAAR)

The public sector accounting abstracts repository (PSAAR) publishes only Public Sector Accounting related work. It is therefore focused on the enhancement of the possibilities of exchange and sharing in our scientific community. Research works are presented solely in abstract form, with several search facilities (e.g. key words, paper category, author etc.), in an aesthetically attractive and user friendly website that facilitates easy tracking and screening of relevant research work in an organized way. PSAAR offers the option to easily locate published papers or ask for the full text from the authors. Authors can recommend the way the citation to their paper would be made and citations text could be easily copy-and-pasted. Finally, PSAAR also hosts abstracts of papers not written in English provided that the essential information such as the abstract, the title and the keywords of the paper are presented in both the original language and English.

We invite you to register and use PSAAR at: