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CIGAR Newsletter July 2018

The Editorial, prepared by Vesna Vasicek and Gorana Roje, reports on our most recent workshop in Zagreb, Croatia. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, 55 participants from 27 countries debated 2 days long about “Accounting for Budgeting and Fiscal Responsibility”.

One of the plenary sessions was devoted to the presentation of a book about “Public Sector Accounting, Auditing and control in South Eastern Europe”, to be published soon by Palgrave.

We all enjoyed the workshop, and Zagreb really was a nice place to meet!

Before the workshop, the PhD Seminar took place, also in Zagreb, under the supervision of Susana Jorge, Dorothea Greiling and Nives Botica-Redmayne (see page 2).

Five projects were presented, discussed and given advice. After that, the PhD students also participated to the workshop, so the exchange with senior scholars has been quite intense and – we believe – fruitful.

Page 3 reports a number of important news from our Network, and among them:

  • The dates for our 2019 Conference in Amsterdam (June 13-14)
  • The agreement reached with Public Money & Management, by which CIGAR will take the responsibility of one PMM issue per year for the next 3 years
  • The new editorship of the Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management

We also give account of a new partnership with IRSPM A&A SIG and EGPA PSG XII, aimed at jointly commenting the IPSASB Exposure Drafts and Consultation papers.

Page 4 hosts a contribution by Jan van Helden, Eugenio Caperchione and Anna Francesca Pattaro: a framework is presented, which connects accounting information with its use in decision making. This framework was used in a paper on controversial city centre projects – the paper is available upon request.

Finally, please get aware of our call for:

  • new Board members;
  • venues (and themes) for our 2020 workshop and 2021 conference (page 4).

Please refer to the Chair for further info.

We hope this Newsletter can be relevant in your academic or professional activity and we look forward to having your feed-back. 

Newsletter July 2018