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CIGAR Newsletter April 2016

In the April 2016 Newsletter, the Editorial concerns the statutory audit of PIEs, public-interest entities. Johan Christiaens and Freya Vandendriessche pay particular attention to the new European rules on rotation of external auditors, and discuss their expected benefits, as well as some possible shortcoming.

Jan van Helden and Hassan Ouda provide us with some anticipation of the contents of a special issue on Public sector accounting in emerging economies, which will be published later this year in Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

A report from the IRSPM SIG Accounting and Accountability Workshop, held in Nottingham some months ago, is published on page 4.

Caroline Aggestam-Pontoppidan and Isabelle Andernack present a book on Interpretation and Application of IPSAS. They aim to provide an overview of IPSAS with a focus on their practical application and interpretation.

The following conferences and calls for papers are announced: the EGPA Conference (Utrecht, August 24-26, 2016) and the PSG XII panel; the FEE Public Sector Round Table (Brussels, April 7, 2016) and the FAM special issue on Public Sector Audit (deadline October 1,2016), linked to the EIASM Public Sector Conference in Lisbon (September 6-8, 2016).

We have two posts concerning CIGAR itself: the call for papers for a special issue of the Pacific Accounting Review on Government and Municipality Accountability (deadline November 30, 2016), which is linked to the CIGAR workshop and PhD colloquium in Wellington (July 7-9, 2016); a campaign to raise funds for PhD students to help them with the travel expenses in occasion of the PhD colloquium in Wellington.

Newsletter April 2016