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CIGAR Newsletter January 2019

With this issue our Newsletter enters in its tenth year – a milestone, in a way.

Among the various announcements, let us emphasize the detailed information given about the 2019 CIGAR Conference (June 13-14) and PhD Seminar (June 12) (page 2). You will find some hints about the programme, the keynote speakers, the deadline for submitting your paper.  

The website reads ; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Evgenii Aleksandrov’s Editorial discusses the contemporary streams of institutional theory and their application to management research. A great work has been done, he tells us, during a PhD course held at Nord University, Norway.

Important news come from Japan (page 2), where our colleague and CIGAR member Mari Yanagi Kobayashi was elected as the President of the Board of Audit of Japan, being the first female president in 150 years. Congratulations to Mrs. Prof. Kobayashi for her achievement, and best wishes for her actvities.

Four conferences are announced on pages 3-4. Information is given about:

  • · the 10thAsia-Australia Colloquium on Qualitative Research Methods in Business and Accounting (Singapore, 14-15 March, 2019);
  • · the Accounting, Economics and Law SASE Research Network Annual Conference (New York City, 27-29 June, 2019);
  • · the EGPA Permanent Study Group XII 'Public Sector Financial Management' Spring Workshop (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 9-10 May, 2019);
  • · the Conference “New Zealand’s Public Finance Act at 30: lessons, achievements and future directions” (Wellington, 26-28 July, 2019).

Some of these conferences have tight deadlines, so please pay attention, if you are willing to submit.

Finally, a call for paper is presented at page 4, with the Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management inviting papers about “Accounting for Unstable Environments in the Public Sector: Managing Complexity in Turbulent Times” (deadline November 30, 2019; info from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Newsletter January 2019